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Information and motivation articles for writers; interspersed with miscellaneous musings of RANDOM thought


About my background:

Born, raised, and having lived four and one half decades of my life in Chicago, I’ve since resided in its far, northwest, suburban villages and I currently reside in a far, northwest city in Illinois.


With family as my first priority, I’d also managed a long career as an accountant and CPA. From my early teenage years, to date, I’ve written many poems and short stories. However, as everyone knows, being a writer, especially a published author, takes considerable time and commitment. I’ve always had the commitment, and now I have the time needed to make writing my career. I’m so very grateful for this opportunity, and also for the encouragement received from my friends and family…especially from my four, wonderful children.

When first attempting to dip my toe in the writing waters (or whatever idiom you may care to substitute here) I submitted two of my memoir articles to Carmel In The World, a magazine published in Rome, with international distribution. Needless to say, I was more than happy when they published both. I felt I’d finally reached the end of my neglect of the craft. Since then, I’ve revisited my existing short stories and will continue to write short stories and poetry. Most important, I’ve taken that deeper plunge and I have started to write novels. I have two works-in-progress, which are near completion. Neither novel has reached its final manuscript form, and for that reason I’ve chosen to not give titles or excerpts at this time. As soon as they have reached this stage, I will definitely add them to my site.

My writing is generally in first-person, retrospective narrative form; literary fiction, as opposed to a popular fiction genre. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and possibly it is because of this interest that I have chosen to write, predominantly, with themes of psychological and human social justice issues. One thing I have decided is this: wherever those waters move me, whether turbulent, or calm, I am determined to stay on course and bring my craft to its secure and safe haven.

Thank you for visiting my site, and please visit again and often.






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